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About Us

Naukri-Indicator, a venture of Naukrindicator.com, is a premier website that offers GK and Current Affairs, PDF, competitive exam preparation material, as well as latest for students, aspirations and general public through a variety of services. Latest job, admit card, latest exam results,Entrance exam alert,Admission form, Counselling,Answer key etc. Provides valuable, convenient, relevant and enjoyable online education related to. The main objective of this website is to create a large repository of knowledge for the general reference of students and candidates.

Naukri-Indicator was launched in 2018 and it is designed for students and candidates of various types of examinations in India. Is a pioneer in providing high quality content. All content is published and published only after a systematic and thorough investigation by the member team of Naukri-Indicator.

In today's times, people are making education a source of business and students are being treated as investors. At present, it is not normal for a common person to buy or receive reading material. For competitive exam preparation, people's perception like UPSC, etc. is the most difficult test because in today's time due to the increasing population the competition level has been high and unless you join a coaching / institution for a preparation then Till you can't beat it. But the main reason for this is something else.

Because most people are unable to get study material only in times of inflation, due to this, many people fail to maintain their studies continuously. This is why people are leaving before they start their aspirations.

Materials You can get here

To erase all those perceptions, Naukri-Indicator has introduced an education platform. You can get all types of study material such as –

  • competitive exam material,
  • GK
  • Current Affair
  •  Competition Question
  • Job Vacancy Alert
  • News
  • Admit card , Exam results
  • Answer Key
  • Entrance exam Alert,Admission
  • Historical events
  • And Other study materials.

Which important for exam, all study material along with PDF which are important for clearing as well as give you Naukri-Indicator platform But you can also get the latest job alert, admit card, latest exam results, that is, here you can get all the material related to education. Every test and study material will be provided here, yes it is completely free and everyone can get education related material here.

The reason for launching Naukri-Indicator platform is mainly due to the unable people Have been made for the service of those who cannot afford coaching institutes and are not able to buy reading material. Naukri-Indicator continuously strives to make available Complete Study Material on the platform.

Naukri-Indicator makes refreshing, engaging, useful and informative content for students. We provide the latest updates on exams and results. In addition to its extensive study material coverage and everyday updates, Naukri-Indicator offers a wide range of Study Material related to their examinations / studies.

Note - All the study material etc. have been provided by Naukri-Indicator and some materials are already available on the internet which Naukri-Indicator attempts to present in an orderly and excellent manner (but The content available on the internet is not owned by Naukrindicator.com). Naukri-Indicator is just sharing that information with needy students. And this is the main goal of the Naukri-Indicator.

If you Have any Queries, Please contact Us by E-mail:site.naukrindicator@gmail.com

Frequently asked Questions (FAQ's)

How can Naukri-Indicator help me in my preparation?

Naukri-Indicator covers current affairs and traditional subjects. We update current affairs quiz for SSC, Bank PO, Railway, Defense, Civil service exam and other examinations. We post articles related to the entire gamut of General Studies to cater to the needs of all other exams. All the study material given on this site is a complete guide for you to understand the basics of your purpose in India.

How does GKToday help in UPSC Civil Services or State Civil Services Examination?

If you are preparing for the Civil Services Examination, then all the contents of this e-magazine are important as a supplement to your studies. This site is intended to cover current traditional and time bound methods with organized traditional topics. The Naukri-Indicator also conducts target programs containing study material and mock tests to be familiar with the General Studies papers of the Civil Services Examination.

I found a mistake or some old information in the previous archive, how to edit it?

Since you know this is a blog, its users do not have the facility to edit content, like we have in Wikipedia and other wiki sites. However, when you get an error, leave us your comment. We examine the content containing that error and eliminate the error. Please note that comments that indicate an error are published. So that it does not confuse people in further discussion.

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