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IPA: kɑnfədɛnʃəl Hindi: कान्फडेन्शल / कान्फिडेन्शल / कान्फडेन्चल

Antonyms ""

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  • the level of official classification for documents next above restricted and below secret; available only to persons authorized to see documents so classified
  • denoting confidence or intimacy
    • - a confidential approach
    • - in confidential tone of voice
  • (of information) given in confidence or in secret
    • Synonyms: secret
    • Examples
    • - their secret communications
    • - this arrangement must be kept confidential
  • entrusted with private information and the confidence of another
    • - a confidential secretary

Definition Confidentiality involves a set of rules or a promise usually executed through confidentiality agreements that limits access or places restrictions on certain types of information.

Example of ""

A confidential document spelling out the designs of the Communists was also unearthed.
उसी समय एक दस्तावेज पकड़ा गया जिससे साम्यवादियों के षड्यंत्र की योजना का भेद खुल गया।

A confidential telephone service is available for people with disabilities and their carers.
विकलांग लोग और उन की देखभाल करने वाले लोगों के लिए गुप्त दूरभाष सेवा उपलब्ध है।

A statement which is confidential not for making public.
जो गोपनीय हो तथा जिसे सार्वजनिक न किया जा सके।

Derive of "" confidentiality (ˌconfiˌdentiˈality) or confidentialness (ˌconfiˈdentialness) NOUN confidentially (ˌconfiˈdentially) ADVERB

Origin of ""

First recorded in 1645–55; from Latin confīdenti(a) confidence + -al1

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